USA National Monuments

Zion National Park is located in southern Utah, near the Nevada and Arizona borders. The canyon that runs through Zion National Park is the park's main attraction. With a depth of 2,000 feet, Zion Canyon provides trekking chances along its floor in the 20 to 30-foot wide portion known as The Narrows and the difficult area known as The Subway. Swimming is also permitted in this section of the Virgin River. Natural rock arches are another breathtaking aspect of Zion. Crawford and Kolob are two of the most notable. This comes from the Zion website. March 2024 our tour of the National Parks began in Zion. We toured the Zion National Park today on a bus that goes up and down the canyon and makes nine stops. At the 9th stop we did the river walk. We talked to people from all over the world! There were a thousand people lined up quite often. Many people were dressed in rubber outfits to hike in the water. We are staying in a log cabin at the edge of the park.