Our National Parks trip in Wyoming, Montana and Canada
and fishing in Montana

By the Roseann and Walt Krane
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Montana   Glacier National Park   Montana to Banff   Lake Louise to Jasper   To Kamloops  

We drove from Big Timber to Kalispell which turned out to be a large city. We had great Mexican food and did some gambling at a casino near our motel. We were surprised to find casinos all over Montana - they seem to be a large part of the industry in this state.

We spent the next day in the Glacier National Park and were very impressed. There are majestic mountains with snow, red mountains, turquoise rocks and water, beautiful lakes and rivers. It is the most beautiful National Park we have ever been to. It is nicer than Yellowstone and Yosemite. We had a fun day and here are some of the photos. We wish we could show you all of them.

Next we go to Canada and Banff National Park.