Our National Parks trip in Wyoming, Montana and Canada
and fishing in Montana

By the Roseann and Walt Krane
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Montana   Glacier National Park   Montana to Banff   Lake Louise to Jasper   To Kamloops  

We drove to Lake Louise where many people from many countries came in bus loads and were looking at the lake. Then we took the road up to the Columbia Icefields to Jasper and not only did we see beautiful scenery but many tourists. And we visited the famous Abakantha Waterfall. Again the photos will have to describe it but know that it is a 3 diamond trip from AAA. It is a must see in your life time.

We finally saw real wild life - sheep and elk. But I think all the bears are in the zoo. The most beautiful sight was not Lake Louise although it has an awesum backdrop with the glacier. It was Lake Herbert with a fabulous reflection on the lake. I've ordered a painting from my artist. Enjoy the photos.